A further update on progress with the AERA Online Nomination System.  The TQ22 Committee have been trialling selling the TQ merchandise via the Online Nomination System with brisk sales being achieved.  The next step for them is to run the nominations for the Quilty event online as well.  Look out, in the coming days, for the announcement that the nominations will be opening.

In conjunction with the Southern Tasmanian Endurance Riders Club, the next ride in Tasmania will take nominations online for the event in a further test run for the system.  Trish Smith and Jess Goulding, capably supported by Mark Dunn, have sat through a training session and learnt how to set up their ride data.  They are busy doing this in the live system now so all Tasmanian riders should stay tuned for the announcement that nominations are open.

Once the trial has been completed and any issues rectified the Online Nomination System will be open for any ride club to use.  Training sessions are being planned with supporting training material being finalised.  These training sessions will be announced in the near future and all will be welcome to attend.

The AERA Database SC have worked through the refund and reconciliation processes for passing on funds to clubs who are going to be utilising the Online Nomination System and these background processes are now up and going.  The Westpac Payway payment gateway is also in place and has been tested through the Quilty merchandise purchasing.  Our thanks go to Deb Edwards, AERA’s tireless book keeper for her assistance and knowledge in this area.

AERA will be adopting a low transaction fee initially to provide encouragement to Ride Clubs to use the Online Nomination System.  This early bird transaction fee discount approach also recognises that not everything will work smoothly, despite the many hours spent testing and trialling, and we thank those clubs who have already put up their hands to help us out.  The support already expressed is very much appreciated.

Riders who nominate will be charged the Westpac bank card transaction fee, which is $0.55 + 1.2% as part of the nomination process, as is standard these days of living online.  This transaction cost is identified at the point of payment and on the invoice/receipt generated by the online nomination system.  The transaction fee charged by AERA is passed onto the Ride Club and covers the use of the system and a contribution towards the build cost, which will be repaid over the next few years.  AERA will re-visit the transaction fee at its November meeting, in which the fees and charges of the association, on a whole, are reviewed. 

The response from members in creating their accounts ahead of the usage of the Online Nomination System has been pleasing with the early teething issues now being sorted out.  Most people are getting through the process of setting up their accounts without any further assistance.