TOM QUILTY 2022 Merchandise

TQ22 Merchandise is now available for order via AERA’s Online Nomination System. The TQ22 Committee is very pleased to be partnering with AERA to support the role out of this major development of the AERASpace software.
The initial range in our commemorative TQ22 Quilty merchandise line can be ordered from the AERA Online website:
The offering includes buff shirts, unisex riding tights, polo shirts and a technical endurance shirt in our bespoke Quilty 2022 design.
Orders for this merchandise need to be submitted by 9 pm on 1 May 2022 to enable the orders to be passed onto our manufacturer and prepared ready for pick up at the Quilty event. Orders received after this date cannot be guaranteed to be available at the Quilty and these orders will be mailed out, incurring postage and handling fees. So get in early to have yours available for pick up.
Nominations for the Quilty event will be available at a later date.
To place your order you must first create an account, which can be done in a few easy steps:
1. Go to the Login page
2. Select the Register as a new user option
3. Enter your email address, password (note the specific requirements for the password) and confirm the password by typing it into the next field
4. Select the register button
A confirmation email will be sent to the email address entered and then you are set to navigate to the Events page and start ordering your merchandise.
For current or past member you need to log in with the email address associated with your membership so that you can link your account to your existing ride records. If you are unsure of your email details, please contact your State Registrar/Membership Registrar.
If you experience any difficulties creating your account or placing an order please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for support. Please be aware that this is not a 24/7 support line and a response will be sent as soon as possible.
AERA is keen to know what you think of the AERA Online website so please let us know.