AERA Awards presented at TQ24

With the Tom Quilty Gold Cup 2024 only 6 months away,  AERA is reminding all members and their connections that applications for the AERA Horse Distance Scrolls, AERA Lifetime Distance Scrolls and Decade Team Awards must be received by the AERA Registrar no later than 20 July 2024.  This allows our AERA Awards Team time to order and deliver the prizes associated with these awards.

The application forms for these awards are available on the AERA Website.

The annual points and distance awards will also be presented and these results can be checked on the AERASpace Results website.  If you believe your results are not accurate please submit the AERASpace Discrepancy Form, located on the AERA Website under the Administration tab.

Applications may be received by email but for those of you who prefer traditional mail, please note the postal address of our Registrar, which has changed. 

Kim Moir

AERA Database Subcommittee Position

The AERA Database Subcommittee is looking for a new member following the resignation of long-term member Anita Fortsch. A very big thanks is extended to Anita for her sustained support of the Database SC and for her hard work over many years supporting the members and non-members through the development work undertaken on the database and the AERA Online hub.

This is a volunteer role with an aim to support the whole endurance community. Over the past few years, the members of this Subcommittee have rolled out a number of large developments and the role requires a considerable time commitment. We are looking for a hard-working member who will bring the following skills:

  • Good understanding of the nomination and membership renewal processes
  • Experience in the use of AERASpace and AERA Online
  • Real life experience in testing and documentation development
  • Ability to support members/non-members through the issues they encounter with a customer focused and supportive approach
  • Able to work in a volunteer environment to support the development of the database and online hub
  • Exhibit understanding that the DBSC needs to work with budgetary and development constraints as well as ever changing priorities

The right person will bring a collaborative attitude to the role to continue the harmonious relationships that exist in the subcommittee currently.

For further information please contact Linda Tanian, Tom McCormack or Adam Garvin via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Australian Riders at Al Ula

AERA would like to congratulate Andrea Laws-King riding Carlita DArmani, Hannah Cossor riding Hafid Al Badr and Jodie Salinas riding Awarran Parks Druids Shadow for their successful completion in the Fursan Cup CEI 2* 120km event in Al Ula in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

Andrea Laws King at the start line

Andrea Laws-King

Hannah Cosser at the start

Hannah Cossor

Jodie Salinas Team

Jodie Salinas Team

Photo credit Trish Annetts

Thanks and best wishes for the festive season and for 2024

As 2023 draws to a close, I write to express my thanks to the Australian endurance community for their contributions to our sport through the year.

Despite the difficult economic times, Divisional (state) memberships held up pretty well in 2023 with about the same numbers as in 2022. While this is encouraging, Divisional memberships are still about 20% down on 2019 (pre COVID) numbers.

This year’s Tom Quilty Gold Cup, our national championship, was run at the Stirling’s Crossing  complex in June. As always, the facility was an absolute picture and conditions were perfect for the event. 182 horse and rider teams headed out the gate at midnight and, of these, 131 successfully completed the ride. This represented a 73% completion rate, one of the highest on record. Line honours went to New Zealand rider Ashley Cole, who weighed up to middleweight to ensure she was in the running for the win.

I would like to thank the Stirling’s Crossing team and QERA for agreeing to host the event at short notice after VERA, whose turn it was the host the event in 2023, signalled its inability to do so in October, 2022.

Also run this year was the two-day 220km Winton to Longreach ride. Once a focal point of the western Queensland calendar, running from 1980 to 1988, the event was revived in 2023 to celebrate the 100 years of Queensland's Country Women's Association (QCWA) and to raise funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Angel Flight. 32 horse and rider teams rode the event with exactly half – 16 – successfully completing a tough course in trying conditions.

Another of our sport’s premier events, the Shahzada marathon, a 400km event held over 5 days in St Albans near Sydney, was again cancelled in 2023 because of track damage caused by extreme weather. The Shahzada team is looking forward to reviving the event in 2024.

The 2024 Tom Quilty Gold Cup will be run in October at the Wirrina Cove venue in South Australia – the same venue as the 2017 Quilty.  The 2025 event will be held in Sassafras, Tasmania in May 2025 and planning for this is already underway.

I would like to express my personal thanks to the AERA management committee, Divisional delegates and the hundreds of volunteers around the country who keep our sport running.

I wish all Divisional members and the broader endurance community all the best for the festive season and for 2024.

Online Memberships Renewals

AERA is introducing a new Online Membership Renewal module to AERA Online for the 2024 membership year. From 1 January 2024 members will be able to renew their memberships digitally, update their contact and address details and manage their FEI/EA membership information, all from the comfort of their lounge or office chair.

This new functionality allows members to select their own membership categories, sign their membership declaration and make the payment in a quick and easy process negating the need to print out paperwork or mail in applications.

In another step to make endurance life a little less dependent on paperwork Membership cards are no longer required and there is no need for our busy Membership Registrars to mail out cards. A rule change was introduced to remove the need for membership cards now that rides are managed using AERASpace, which provides an up-to-date status of a rider’s membership.

PA Insurance can also be taken out as part of the membership renewal however this will still require the completion of the PA Insurance form and sending that to the State/Membership Registrar. Plans are underway to have this digitised for the 2025 year.

The new module caters for:

1. Membership renewals
2. New memberships
3. Family memberships
4. Early bird discounts
5. Discount schemes for students, pensioners and significant volunteers
6. Half yearly memberships

AERA will be running some familiarisation sessions to assist members get a handle on how to renew their membership so look out for details of these sessions – details of these sessions will be posted to AERA’s FB page and to the State FB pages over the weekend so keep an eye out. The first session will be held on 20 December 2023, we’ll have another one in January and in February, if required.

For any questions relating to this new module please use the Contact Us page on the AERA Online website.

Adverse Analytical Finding – Stirling’s Classic, Queensland

Australian Endurance Riders Association (AERA) advises that there were two adverse analytical findings involving prohibited substances from samples taken at the Stirling’s Classic event held on 30 April 2023.

Two horses tested positive to the prohibited substance Salicylic Acid above the threshold of 6.5 micrograms per milliliter in plasma.   Salicylic Acid is listed as a controlled medication on the FEI list of prohibited substances. 

Stirling’s Thor, ridden by Matthew Sample, and Brookleigh Danu ridden by Tracy-Lee Cossor, have both been disqualified from the ride.  Matthew Sample is the owner and trainer of both horses.  Both have received penalties in accordance with the AERA / EADCM rules, by the imposition of fines, loss of results and associated awards, and the requirement to pay costs.

AERA reminds all persons involved in the sport of endurance to be aware of what is being given to horses under their care.  

AERA Secretary
4 November 2023

TQ23 Swabbing Outcome

The AERA is pleased to advise that all 13 swabbing samples gathered at TQ23 have returned a negative analysis. This refers to controlled medications and banned substances. These are reported on the Equestrian Australia website.

Testing of horses for prohibited substances as listed on the FEI website is important in contributing to horse welfare.  

Members are reminded that swabbing may occur at any endurance event and selection of horses to be swabbed is determined by the Chief Steward and the Head Vet.


Kim Moir


Australian Endurance Riders Association

AERA Awards presented at TQ23

AERA Awards presented at TQ23 included our annual recognition of riders and horses for distance and points achievements.  Also included were a number of personal achievements.

AERA acknowledges the commitment and dedication given by riders in achieving these awards for themselves and for their horses.

Awards presented:



BLAKE’S HEAVEN VENUS – Fia Hasko-Stewart & Adeline Gibson – NSW



ARABIKA CUE TEE – Richard Summerfield – WA




TARNETTE – April Newman – NSW


BLAKE’S HEAVEN ADVENTURESS – Fia & Talea Hasko-Stewart – NSW


DUO PARK ROYAL SON – Tegan Symington – WA

FONDA – Keith & Shirley Sumpner – NSW




MARAT MA – Ian Curtis – NSW


VELOCE DIVINE – Rachel Benad – NSW

VELOCE FINALE – Jil Bourton – SA



Kristie Taprell, Victoria


Jill Bourton, South Australia


Talea Hasko-Stewart – NSW

Corey Nix – NSW


Greg Garred – QLD

Olfa Lochtenberg – QLD

Derryn Nix - NSW



Ashbend Perazzi / John Howe – NSW

Blake’s Heaven Ventura / Talea Hasko-Stewart – NSW

Bridle Track Bogart / Victoria Bonham – NSW

Calico Jarkamarn / Janelle Taylor – QLD

Castlebar Musteke / Karin Santoso – NSW

Glenewan Scout / Janelle Taylor – QLD

Golden Thunder / Ute Jordan – QLD

Hillbrae Maxine / Cathy Herve – QLD

James Bonn / Darryl King - NSW

Malu Vale Embers / Fiona Meller – NSW

Sahala Astronomer / Michelle Chapman – QLD

Shannonwood Sub / Greg Garred – QLD

Tarnette / April Newman – NSW

Xanadu Barabbous / Karen Winkel – QLD

Yarnspinner / Jess Shillabeer - SA